Training course with district heating experts

During the second day of study visits in Blekinge the InnoHeat delegation met Gunnar Nilsson, Göteborg Energi, Thomas Lummi, Swedish District Heating Association and Christian Johansson, Noda for a round of discussions and a training course. The five topics on the discussion table were the following:

– Improvement opportunities
– Technology solutions
– Goals
– Activities
– Time plan

The previous data collection has indicated a common interest in reduction of network return temperature. Another common improvement opportunity is a need for local information campaigns and an improved dialogue with customers.

To the left: Silute district heating company puts their goals on paper, assisted by Nerijus Jasinskas at the Lithuanian District Heating Association.

To the right: Thomas Lummi, the Swedish District Heating Association, participates in MEC Kolobrzeg’s in discusions about goals and activities.