Smart Heat Grids

Sustainable district heating and cooling for the future

cjChristian Johansson was one of the Swedish experts participating in the study visit to Blekinge in November. In his capacity as Guest Writer in the 3rd edition of the InnoHeat newsletter, he outlines the NODA business idea about proactive optimization of district heating systems to meet shifting weather conditions, pricing and energy consumption.

By Christian Johansson, CTO at NODA Intelligent Systems AB

How we generate and use energy is something that affects our everyday life, and our society is now more than ever dependent on a free flow of readily available energy. As the challenges relating to climate change and increasing energy prices mount we find ourselves faced with great challenges which require new and innovative solutions for a sustainable future. Almost half of all energy generated in Europe is used for heating and cooling, and the benefits of optimizing these systems are overwhelmingly large. At NODA we combine world leading knowledge and cutting edge engineering in order to develop platforms for system-wide optimization of district heating and cooling systems. By integrating and merging energy companies and their customers we provide platforms for financially and environmentally sustainable district heating and cooling.

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