Improvements in district heating systems need to start with the substations

Partners of the InnoHeat project are on the home stretch, trying to finish remaining activities before the end of 2014, and the end of the project. MEC Kolobrzeg has decided to focus on a pilot project related to the functioning of substations and on the overall structure of the grid.

A close partnership has been developed for improvements in MEC Kolobrzeg

Improvement of the system has been an effort fraught with some disappointment for MEC Kolobrzeg. Before InnoHeat a Swedish consulting company was assigned the task of analyzing the efficiency of the grid and coming up with ideas for improvements, but neither did they come up with satisfactory results, nor concrete improvement activities. As the InnoHeat project has gone on it has become increasingly obvious that the analysis capacity that is needed by MEC Kolobrzeg has been built up among the people who have become connected to the project.

Through the project a close partnership between ESS and Kraftringen in Lund has been developed. The research facility ESS will supply heat to the grid operated by Kraftringen, which supplies heat to the municipalities of Lund, Eslöv and Landskrona. Through the cooperation between InnoHeat partner ESS and Kraftringen, the district heating engineer at Kraftringen, Holger Feurstein has become connected to the project. Now, MEC Kolobrzeg has appointed Holger head of an improvement team that is analyzing a number of important aspects of the Kolobrzeg grid in order to suggest improvement measures. The team also includes Jörgen Persson, an energy expert at ESS, and one of the partners of InnoHeat, and a few other resources.

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