Training in Substation Theory and Practice

For the final part of InnoHeat, MEC Kolobrzeg appointed the district heating engineer at Kraftringen, Holger Feurstein, to train employees in the theory and practice of substation dimensioning and design. Kraftringen operates a network supplying the municipalities of Lund, Eslöv, and Lomma with heat and the company applies a well structured method for developing the efficiency of its network.  Through a current project, the Kraftringen network will be connected to the networks of Landskrona and Helsingborg on the west coast of Skåne. At his assistance Holger has Jörgen Persson from ESS, and he and the team have also mobilized the services of the supplier of heat exchangers and substations, Alfa Laval, to present their most modern range of heat exchangers and provide training in the dimensioning of substations.

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