Project Partners

National District Heating Associations

The German Heat and Power Association (AGFW)

AGFW is the national association for energy efficiency for district heating (DH), combined heat and power (CHP) and cooling systems (German District Heat and Power Association).

Over 440 national and international members (energy companies, local utilities, industry and manufacturer) join the AGFW for their technical and economic assistance. AGFW organizes over 60 training courses and seminars for more than 2.000 participants per year over the last 35 years in the field of DH and CHP. AGFW with its archive is a central point for the history of DH and CHP in Germany and Europe. Several Energy concepts (including heat maps) are done over the history and, at present, AGFW works on master plans as best practice examples of different cities.

The AGFW has world class experience and knowledge in a number of areas relevant to the InnoHeat project. It has a number of its members located in the programme area. The AGFW will be an important knowledge resource in the project and will take an important role in the dissemination of experiences. Together with the other district heating associations the AGFW will also be a key partner in the establishment of the heating organization.

Contact AGFW: Sarah Vautz

Lithuanian Board of District Heating

Contact Lithuanian Board of District Heating: Nerijus Jasinskas

Chamber of Commerce Polish Board of District Heating

Contact IGCP: Natalia Rojek

The Swedish District Heating Association

Contact Swedish District Heating Association: Patrik Holmström

Operative district heating companies

Opec Gdynia

District Heating Enterprise Ltd. (OPEC LTD) run business with reference to heat production, transfer and distribution as well as its turnover based on the concession received from the Chairman of the Energy Regulatory Office in 1998.

OPEC Ltd. is situated near Tri-City Landscape Park and operate in the area of four Pomerania District’s cities: Gdynia, Wejherowo, Rumia and Sopot. The company administer a highly developed, modern transferring and distributing infrastructure in the area of Gdynia, which enables the company to supply heat to over 60% of its clients.

In the Inno-Heat project OPEC Gdynia wants to focus on developing a strategy to achieve the goal of reducing the temperature of the return water by 1% every year.

Contact Opec Gdynia: Joanna Kotowicz
European Spallation Source

Jörgen Persson

MEC Kolobrezeg

Mariusz Dzuir

SST Silute
MST Mazeikiai

Project Management and supporting organisations

Region Skåne

Eva Paulin, Financial Manager

Sustainable Business Hub

Kamil Zajaczkowski, Project Manager

Susanne Karringer, Project Communication Manager

Swedish Institute (SI)

Ann Häger

International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics (IIIEE)

Philip Peck

Associated partners

The Swedish Embassy in Poland
EuroHeat & Power
University of Klaipeda
The Institute of Environment Protection and Renewable Energy
The Swedish Energy Agency
Foundation of Energy Saving in Gdansk
Marshall’s Office in the Pomorskie Voivodeship