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Two articles on Dagens Industri on 15th November 2013

DI_1Swedish discrict heating technology speeds up conversion to greener energy production around the Baltic Sea (Swedish only)











Great opportunities for Poland to become energy-efficient (Swedish only)


Fjarrvarmetidningen, edition 4, 2013


InnoHeat article published in the June 2013 edition 4 of ‘Fjärrvärmetidningen’ (available in Swedish only).


Study visit with precision will match the needs in the east

Silumine technika Nr 53 2012

LT artikelArticle in the Lithuanian Trade Magazine Silumine technika, issue 53 2012, about the Blekinge study tour on November 20-22nd 2012.

Inno-Heat straipsnis is Nr53 (the InnoHeat article)

LSTA Silumine technika NR53 (the full-scale issue)

BLT, November 21st, 2012

BLT 2012-11-21Article in the local newspaper BLT (Blekinge Läns Tidning) about the InnoHeat study tour to Bleinge.



Swedish District Heating Association, November 21st 2012

Web news about the study visit and the participation of Thomas Lummi in the expert panel session held in Karlshamn on november 21st 2012.


Blekinge Institute of Technology Web news, November 20th 2012

Web news about Fredrik Wernstedt and Christian Johansson, scientists at Blekinge Institute of Technology participating in the Blekinge study visit representing Noda.

Fjarrvarmetidningen, edition 7, 2011

Fjärrvärme artikelInnoHeat article published in the November 2011 edition 7 of ‘Fjärrvärmetidningen’ (available in Swedish only).

Major investment in old networks